Sunday, March 1, 2015

Clearing the shelves

I looked at my shelves this weekend and found a few projects already cut, just waiting to be sewn together. So I dusted them off and got to work.  I had a bit of "unquilting" to do this weekend, two days worth.  Not the most fun.  When I needed a break I picked up some of these little pieces and started making them into bigger pieces.  LOL looks like I needed a few breaks.  Do you know how hard it is to take out stitches with invisible thread????  That stuff is hard to see!
sorry about the bad picture, it actually is a bit brighter and cheerier, just 2.5 in squares sewn into 16 patch.  1.5 in strip all the way around and more 2.5 in squares.  Great size for a toddler
ahh tumblers, love them, just need to finish the borders on this one
Fraternal twin tumblers, girls above. Boy's waiting to be sewing together.  
HHST is together.  I'm not thrilled with it, not even sure I like it.  I'll see if quilting helps it. I wanted to do the just throw it together, I love how they look.  But I can just throw it together.  So I took the HSTs and sewed them all together the same way.  I don't think that helped.  Ehh, maybe I should just stick with a bit more control. This may get cut up into dog beds if I don't like it after quilting.  I just dunno about this one.
HHST - I dunno
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Shining Star

Oh boy how nice to have a large quilt done.  I did put the binding on my I hate it and I'm going to rip it out.  Anyone in the McHenry, IL area want to trade binding services for quilting services?  Send me a private email, would love to trade with you (s dot daurio at yahoo dot com).  A few details of the quilt.  I used wonderful Kaffee Fassett shot cottons, I love the depth and dimension the dark colors have.  I used to battings, one hobbs 80/20 and one hobbs wool, it really shows the quilting wonderful and has a nice weight to it.  Glide thread on top and magna glide bobbins.  I used three different rulers on this one.  One straight lines, one 13" curved cross hatching and Rhonda's double S curve small.  Solid off white on the backing. Here's some detailed pictures.  The full quilt can be seen here.  Oh almost forgot the size, it's 117 x 117 -ya that's one big quilt!!
straight lines in the light area, feathers in the dark

you can see the curve in the dark area that helped to make the area a bit smaller in the middel. The feathers are one sides and going in one direction
Here's how the corners look 
And there it is on my bed, love it. 
How did I come up with the design?  Oh boy purely by accident.   I knew I wanted feathers since this was going to be for me, love feathers.  But when I started to look at designs the plumes were really too large for what I wanted.  I also knew I wanted a design in different directions for the light and dark to give more definition to each area. The pictures show a decent amount of contrast, but in real life it's less.  I couldn't think of anything with feathers in the light area so after a few hours of trying to find something that worked, I tried straight lines.  At first I had them all coming from the corner, and then moved the center group up so there were as many intersecting lines at the corner (didn't even think about the star area or the points in the larger squares).  I started quilting, had 2 blocks done with the straight lines and hated it!!!  I thought, why am I doing straight lines when I really want feathers.  So I started taking the stitches out.  Oh boy have you ever tried to take stitches out of a quilt that has a double batting?  Sesh, I couldn't do it.  I spent almost an hour and didn't even have one block ripped out.  Needless to say, the lines stayed.  I would love to say the thought  was a stroke of wonderful creativity, but it was just the opposite.  A desperate attempt to make progress at any cost.  I did all the light areas first which gave me some time to think about how I was going to add feathers to this quilt without looking completely out of place.  I knew I wanted feathers going in one direction on each side of the square but again was stuck with how big they were going to be.  That's when I added the curves, that helped to cut down the size.  If I only did one side of the feather, I thought it might look more linear and work better with the lines that I really didn't want :)  Turns out in the end, it all worked out ok.  And this is generally how my quilts get quilted.  

What have I done since?  I found 3 different smaller projects in progress and started working on those, trying to get those shelves cleaned up!!  Her'e's the circus panel quilt.  I made 4 of these, thought I would get an early start to 100 Quilts for Kids. Don't forget all the linky parties on the side bar, so much inspiration and creativity out there.

Friday, February 20, 2015

That's one big quilt!

Oh my it's almost done, had to share, more pics once the binding is done. This is the largest quilt I've ever made, the binding might take a while!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

DWM - is it Spring yet?

Anyone besides me ready for Spring?  Soon, it won't be long now.  Shoot it's the middle of Feb, it's gotta start warming up soon.  I have something on my design wall but I'm not really sure about it.  I really wanted to do one of those HST quilts that goes all over with no rhythm or reason.  But I dunno, maybe it will grow on me.  I tried a few different patterns before I just sewed them all together and nothing really struck me as the one.  I took it as a sign that I really wanted that free for all look.  Now I've got it and I"m not really sure.  I think I 'll just stare at it a bit longer before sewing anything more.  Hmmm needs a name, how about HHST (Half Hazard Square Triangles).

While I'm staring I'll try to get some more done on this.  I have all the light parts completed and 4 rows of the dark.  Nine more rows to go. The dark is going a bit faster than the light.   I'm hoping when it comes off the frame I'll like it more.  I'm not sure I like the lines and the curves.  I'm hoping when all is done that the feathers on the dark will look more graphic.   We'll see.....I get the whole day to try to finish up the last of the dark rows.
Shining Star
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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Design Frame Monday

Nothing new on the design wall this Monday.  But I did get in a finish, a real finish.   Here's the scrappy tumblers.  I used a new pantograph, Fern by Patricia Ritter.  It was fast, easy and has that feathery feel, what's not to love about that.  Batting is Hobbs Polydown, glide thread on top and magna glide thread on the bottom.  I'm so excited to have a quilt with a pantograph, I don't know why but I do love them!
Scrappy Tumblers - Poly down batting, glide thread on top
Pantograph - Fern by Patricia Ritter

love the texture

the back is as crazy as the front
And in the exact opposite direction from a pantograph, I have shining star on the frame.  Even though the pictures show a nice difference between the light and dark, it is a bit subtle.  So I want to differentiate the light from the dark in quilting.  The light is gong to have the strong straight lines, ya this is going to take a while.  I have to mark and use a ruler.  I think it actually takes longer to mark than it does to quilt!!  The darker colors are going to have some sort of feathers (surprised right?).  Actually I did three blocks with the lines and was trying to take it out.  But I have two layers of batting, wool and 80/20 blend and I just had such a hard time getting those stitches out that I gave up and just went with the lines!!  I like them better now that I've done a couple of rows.  Still thinking about the feathers, I've got some time to think about it.  I've gotten 4/13 rows done with the ruler work on the light colors.
Shining Star
This is gonna take a while....
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