Sunday, August 24, 2014

Scrappy Goodness all quilted

ahhhhhh, it felt so good to take this one off the frame.  I'll post the link for the pattern again when I finish the binding.  This one has over 100 different fabrics, all green, blue, reds and browns.  Hobbs Polydown batting, Premo Soft thread on top, magna glide bobbins were used.  This was my first time using the Magna Glide bobbins and I have to say I LOVE THEM!!  I used over 24 bobbins of thread on this 90 x 108 quilt.  It took me 3 weeks to get this one quilted.  Ok I'm ready for some easy quick pantographs now!

UPDATE:  Feathered finish Friday.  The binding is done.  The quilt is washed dried and ready to ship!!  I love how the thread just sinks in after it's washed.  This was a bit big for my dyer so we have a couple of crinkles in there, but I'll let it hang over the stair well over night and all should be good!!  Ahhhhh, now finished really feels good :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

DWM - 8/3 - August already??

Where has the time gone?  School  is starting here in just over 2 weeks, goodness.   This week I have a finish, a baby tumbler quilt.  I love this fabric bundle, I have colors for a girl as well. These were on sale at the fat quarter shop, techno color by Emily Herrick, one of their flash sales and I grab two bundles.  I'm make 4 tumbler quilt, two for the shop and two for 100 quilts for kids (see the button on the side bar) and enough for another HST quilt too.  I'm gonna miss this fabric when it's gone.  This has a poly batting, extra one that I found in the closet, kinda feels like it might be a left piece of dream puff, or maybe poly down.  Permo Soft thread on top bottom line in the bobbin.  Panto is celtic maze.  Fast and easy.  

Techno Color Tumber - Boy

Techo Color Tumber - pantograph is Celtic Maze
Techno Color Tumber - Back 
And a couple more of my disappearing hour glass. these are definitely not fast, but great for using up that flannel that I have.  It's gonna be a pretty cozy quilt when it's done.
Disappearing Hour Glass 
I started quilting Lorisquarepants.  I must have quilted close to 8 hours and I"m just barely over 20% done.  There's no way I can finish by this weekend.  Summer has just been too much fun.    I feel like I'm getting further and further behind, maybe I need a snow day :)  Maybe I'll try harder to catch up.  I thought I would show a little about how I do marking. Even though I have a long and a ruler, I still like to mark.  First I make the registration marks.  I almost always use the disappearing purple marking pen.  If I have to mark before or need it stay on longer I'll use the blue marker that disappears with water.  Always test your fabric first.  In this case I have marks 1.5 inches from the top of the point and in the centers of the square diamond sides.
registration marks
Then I'll line up the ruler on the registration marks and mark the first line

First Line
 Then I'll mark the second line using the 1/4 in mark on the ruler.
lining up the 1/4 in mark for the second line
The second line
Keep going all the way around.

All lines completed
Quilting completed.
The quilting isn't perfect, but when you see it as a whole quilt, you won't notice that at all.  It's not going to win any ribbons, but I think the recipient will be pleased.  Well if I ever get it done ;)
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Guess who's back.....

My girl April is back.  She's so well rested and ready to go.   She sounds so good with all her new boards, belts and stuff.  She even has interchangeable feet.  Can't wait to give the those a try when I do the custom quilting for Lorisquarepant.
April's back - yahoooooo!!
I have two quilts finished, the Awesome lap quilt and Little Boy Blue Chevron quilt - done.  I used the same pantograph on both Curly Q.  The little boy blue quilt is turned 90 degrees, I think it makes it looks a bit like a wave pattern, with the teals and blues I thought it was perfect.  Little Boy Blue has Hobbs Polydown batting  and the Awesome Lap Quilt has Hobb's 80/20 batting.  I had scraps big enough for both.  I really like getting the king size rolls simply for this reason. The scraps are usually big enough for a small lap or baby quilt and don't have to be pieced.  Although as you can see, sometimes really close! Love it.
Awesome Lap Top Quilt - Moda Bake Shop
Curly Q pantograph
You know I just love brigh!!
Even the back is crazy wild
Little Boy Blue Chevron (3 in finish HST)
Curly Q flipped 90 degrees
Little Boy Blue back - looks like waves in the water doesn't it?
I still have 3 quilts lined up with backings ready to go.  And here's my wild design wall.  I did another Charm Pack Cherry this time with out a background color, I really like it.  a couple of other works in progress.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

DWM - 4 flimsies!

April is have a spa week, getting all tuned up cleaned up, regular maintenance and new interchangeable feet.  I sure do miss her. But when she's back I'll be ready.  My "waiting to be quilted" list has gone from 0 to four in just one short weekend.  Here's what I have finished up - Lorisquarepants - all 30 blocks done.  Measures at 90x 108.   Ugggghhh, I know it's going to have some level of shrinkage at first wash and while quilting.  Do I make 6 more  blocks and just make it 108 square?

Guess what's coming up???   100 Quilts for Kids, that's right and this year it's hosted by Quilts in the Queue.  I'm getting a head start with 2 quilts already.  The first one is "Awesome" lap quilt from Moda Bake Shop - goes together so quick and seriously awesome, great name huh?  The second one from Fat Quarter Shop free pattern is "Charm Pack Cherry Quilt Pattern".  I made mine one column larger and then flipped 90 degrees.
Charm Pack Cherry
Awesome Lap Quilt 

And last is a chevron quilt I'm calling little boy blue.  Ok I'm so ready for April to come back home.  Oh and very excited, I order my first roll ever of wool batting.
Little boy blue
Almost 50 miles on the bike this weekend  - here's a couple of pics of what's in bloom on the prairie
Yellow Cone Flowers

Prairie Coreopsis
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Lots going on for Tuesday

My goodness I missed DWM and Anything Goes Mondays, but I'm right on track for Tuesday - Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story, Freemotion by the River with Connie, Sew Cute at Blossom Hearts and Show and Tell Tuesday with Freshly Squeezed, see the buttons on the sidebar.  Plenty there for the rest of the week too!  Well it is definitely a slow sewing summer.  I've got a few blocks done on the Lorisquarepants but that's about it.  April's gone to the APQS spa in Iowa, oh someone needs to ship me away for a spa week :)  Here's some of the blocks in various stages.  Hmm doesn't look like there are over 100 fabrics in there does it.  I"m a little concerned abotu some of those reds being a bit over powering.
Some blocks are done
some quarter blocks are done
and then there are some that are just waiting.
Ialos got some riding in this weekend.  Just a little over 54 miles this weekend. That was pretty sweet.  On Sunday we went for a 36 mile ride.  We stop at a little ice cream place in Hebron IL that is just adorable.  They have gardens, flowers and vegetables growing like crazy!  There's a little free library box on the side of the window and the metal shed out back has those fun letter magnets.  The ice cream is awesome, I was too busy eating it to get a picture.
18 mile break spot - Dari Company ice cream stand
Love the little free library on the side of the building
look at this, they are growing in bales of straw, and so healthy!!
Little shed in the back area, two sides filled with letters.

Lots of pretty flowers here too
Prairie wildflower of the week is wild bee balm - blooming like crazy on the prairie out here.  This was on the Hebron Trail.
Wild Bee Balm
Prairie Blossoms